Journey Small Groups

Pursuing Jesus Christ in Community

Gospel-Centered Community

At Journey Church we believe that authentic relationships grow in circles, not rows. We value relationships and believe that people become disciples and better friends as they do life together. Our small groups meet weekly in homes throughout our community. We not only value fellowship, prayer, bible study, and relationships, but we are committed to becoming a family of believers who live to serve one another as missionaries.

As Family

Very few families are like the Cleavers from “Leave it to Beaver.” Most families are messy and not everyone sees eye-to-eye on everything. But in good times and bad, families stick together and work out the issues confronting them. Christian families are similar and we come with all sorts of baggage, but we stick together. We encourage and support each other. We won’t judge because we’re sinners too. Our small groups are the safe place to retreat to for prayer and rest. Growing together as a family is key.

As Servants

Isn’t it wonderful to have someone do your dishes after a party? Isn’t it wonderful to have a meal prepared for you? We agree! We also agree that it’s wonderful to be that person doing the dishes or making a meal. Without service to others, our families will break down and become unhealthy. We strive to live a life of service. Just as Jesus came to serve us, we want to serve. Life is a journey of ups and downs and maybe you need to be served for a time as you heal, but we hope that leads to an overflow of joy that causes you to want to serve as a result. And we don’t just serve ourselves selfishly, we strive to serve our community.

As Missionaries

And speaking of community, we’re called to live a life of mission to others. We believe you are here at this time and this place for a greater purpose. That purpose is to bring God glory and make him known to everyone around you. That’s the meaning of life that many are looking for. So as we live as a family together and serve one another, we want to share that with others and tell them why we live this way. We want to live a life that demands a gospel explanation.

In short, we desire to be a family of servant missionaries.

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